Is leaving the oven door open dangerous?

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It is dangerous to leave the oven door open for extended periods of time. It's both a fire risk and if you leave the oven door of a gas stove on, you are risking Carbon Monoxide poisoning as well..
But when it comes to morels, scientists aren't sure. They speculate it might be from the flush of nutrients from the burn, the lack of competition from other organisms in the soil, and the freedom to grow since the forest floor has been cleared of branches and debris.
It IS true that other morels may pop up after a burn. They may grow under burned aspens or cottonwoods. They may be in the Midwest growing in a deciduous forest after a burn. They may be in someone's yard after a fire.
The study lasted but a single week, but burn morels can fruit for weeks or even months during the first growing season after a fire (although in this instance, they scientists observed only “incidental” morel finds in the eight weeks after their sampling).
If by burning you mean flames, then yes, flames and the subsequent soot can damage your machine. Microwave are built tough, but if something caught fire in yours, clean it carefully after it has cooled down. Then do checks of its operation using a bowl of water. If you mean overcooking the food, probably not..
You heated it too long. This is not an uncommon problem, potatoes and sweet potato should only be microwaved from above 4 to 5 minutes.
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