How do you make fried food extra crispy?

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0:323:23Science: How to Make the Best Crispy Fried Food by Being Smart ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow I dredged one in dry cornstarch. And dipped the second into a slurry of cornstarch. And waterMoreNow I dredged one in dry cornstarch. And dipped the second into a slurry of cornstarch. And water before frying them both simultaneously..
As a result, in theory, Rao says a hot brewed dark roast coffee may be healthier than a cold brewed dark roast coffee. But cold brew coffees also had less acidity. “Cold brew coffees across all three roast temperatures were slightly less acidic than their hot brew counterparts,” the results state.
One argument that's made often is that when you brew hot coffee, the heat destroys antioxidants. Therefore, cold brew is higher in antioxidants . As of yet, there's no real research showing that's true. In fact, some experts point to antioxidants in coffee that may even be made more bioavailable via heat..
It's important to note that coffee legitimately helps you heat up, but it has nothing to do with the warmth of the beverage. As a matter of fact, you'd be better drinking iced coffee. It's the high amounts of caffeine in coffee which stimulate your metabolism, encouraging your body to burn fuel..
The taste receptors in question don't always register molecules that are much hotter or colder than this range, and thus we don't taste them. ... Because piping hot or ice-cold coffee falls outside this realm of maximum taste, our taste buds don't sense the drink's true bitterness.
It's been theorised that room temperature coffee tastes more bitter might be due to the smell sense being activated by hot coffee (particles moving around), which improves the taste. However, as a congenital anosmic (no sense of smell since birth), room temperature / cold coffee is still awful.
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